Texting Isn’t Writing, It’s Fingered Speech

mcwhorter-660x439All the handwringing by 7th-grade English teachers and parents over the tens of millions of grammatically challenged texts sent every day misses the point of what texting is, says John McWhorter, a linguistics professor at Columbia University. “Texting isn’t written language,” McWhorter told the audience at TED2013. “It much more closely resembles the kind of language we’ve had for so many more years: spoken language.”


English Thinking Skills

einstein_thinkingMost people think of a language as having four main skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Good performance in any of these skills, however is dependent on clear thinking, and attention to this needs to be built into every language course.

In this webinar Rod Bolitho talks about some of the reasons why thinking is not always built into language classes and some of the things that teachers can do to encourage their learners to think more critically and more effectively.