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iateflPenny Ur – ‘Using higher order thinking skills’

22 June 2013, 3pm BST

It is important for ELT teaching to include tasks based on both lower- and higher-order thinking skills. In this session I shall define what ‘higher-order thinking skills’ are, and suggest various ways in which they can be integrated into English teaching at various levels.


Jeremy Harmer – ‘Yes, but why do we need teachers at all’

27 July 2013, 3pm BST

Claudia Ferradas PhD – ‘Reading across cultures: literature for intercultural awareness’

31 August 2013, 3pm BST

Vicki Hollett – ‘Learning to speak ‘merican’

19 October 2013, 3pm BST

Scott Thornbury – ‘Fossilization: is it terminal?’

30 November 2013, 3pm GMT