Practice makes perfect: creating your own exam materials for the classroom

Things-that-i-think-in-an-exam-random-17003825-504-497Cambridge English Language Assessment webinar

Monday 15 April, 14:00-15:00 (UK time)

Exam preparation materials need to develop the skills which are tested in any specific exam task.  This practical session will briefly analyse a selection of tasks from Cambridge English Language Assessment exams to identify the skills and strategies being tested in the tasks.

The webinar will begin by identifying the specific skills tested in different exam tasks, such as multiple choice, gap fill and sentence completion. The presenter will show how different types of task are constructed in order to test these skills effectively, using examples from Reading, Listening and Use of English papers.

The presenter will explain how distraction is used in reading and listening tasks, and there will also be examples from Use of English tasks. The strategies students are expected to use in exam tasks are real-life skills, and at this point the presenter will give some practical hints on the most effective strategies for students to use when approaching different types of exam task.

Presenter – Jill Buggey